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1997 Creative workshop with Artist Klaus Gorges on “Solart Project”, Big Sur, California, USA
1997 Director of commercials and Tv Series for Teleticino, Melide
1995-1996 Director & producer of TV series for TV SCHWEIZ 4, Zurich
1993 Assistant director on the movie: "Next time the fire " Directed by Fabio Carpi, Festival Venezia 1993 Produced by Gam Film, Rome, Italy
1993-2002 Author and DJ for Radio Svizzera Italiana Rete 3, Rete 1
1988-1989 Stage as Creative at : GGK, Zurich – Farner Publicis, Zurich Advico, Zurich
1991 Location Scout & Producer for documentary shoot in Dharamsala,India
1991 Director, cameraman, D.P. & Producer on film “Prema” Shot in the U.S.A. & Mexico
Here some images I've shot using my finger camera.
ISIS is a Video Art, written produced and directed by author & director Misha Tognola
Here an example of Misha Le Chat and Giona ' Ze Whale 's DJ'ing & VJ'ing Show!!
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