SAMADHI-We are One

Victor Tognola’s and Frama Films International’s biographies are intimately connected, the last one being is his own creature. Victor Tognola has proved to be able to cover both roles and is therefore producer as well as author – director.

At a very young age, Victor Tognola begins his creative activity by writing a series of stories for the culture page of Libera Stampa, on which, on those days, the best of the Italian culture used to be published, from Carlo Bo to Leonardo Sciascia. At the same time he starts his radio-phonic activity at the renowned RSI ( in Cassarate) Radio della Svizzera Italiana, under the management of Stelio Molo and Felice Filippini. He produces very successful documentaries, such as Expo 64, The Ballad of Plinio Romaneschi – The Parachutist, Les Saintes Marie de la Mer and The Circus Triptych, writes radio dramas that meet the approval of the audience, as Gipsy Loves and Sorrows, and is a reporter.

He’s always in search of avant-garde and creative solutions and two of his creatures prove it well: Federigo Garcia Lorca’s Amargo, a radio drama, and The moon is broken, a pioneering radio show by all regarded as a milestone in radio history, that opened and showed the way to the many others that followed.